Anthurium VIP Room
299-0646 ext. 1

URL : , Address : Centre of Excellence 17A Macoya Road

Venue Name Anthurium VIP Room
Venue Type Meeting Room, Unique Space
Food Catering Provided, External Catering Allowed
Beverages Bar Options Available
Standing Capacity 30-35
Seating Capacity 25
Male Restroom 1
Female Restroom 1
Parking 100- Off Site Parking Lot, 800- On Site Parking Lot
Opening Days Hours
Monday 8am-12am
Tuesday 8am-12am
Wednesday 8am-12am
Thursday 8am-12am
Friday 8am-12am
Saturday 8am-12am
Sunday 8am-12am
DJ-External Optional
Wheelchair Accessibility
Clean Up/Breakdown Crew
Table Skirting
  • Venue Description :

    Our smallest and most cozy yet effective room is named after the anthurium plant a testament to simplistic beauty and elegance and true to the old adage that good things come in small packages. Our Anthurium VIP Room can be rented on its own or as a compliment to a function being held at the Cattleya Retreat, since the Anthurium Room has it's home alongside the retreat.

  • Venue Rules:

    Yes. This is stated in the client's contract.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    In the event that there is a cancellation or postponement of the event, the reservation fee (which is 50% of the total invoice) will not be refunded. Written notification of the same must be submitted to the landlord at least thirty (30) working days before the date of hire. Only 50% percent of the remaining invoice total will be refunded (if applicable).